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Charles F Clark - RF Engineering

over 30 years of RF Engineering


I have de­signed VCO’s, frequency synthesizers, low noise amplifiers and power amplifiers. I am experienced in matching complex loads over wide frequency ranges. The technologies have included multilayer PCB designs and thick and thin film hybrids. I have designed filters with passbands up to 70 GHz and stopbands to 110 GHz.

I am currently using Microwave Office and Axiem the EM solver for circuit analysis. I have been using Eagle from Cadsoft for PCB layout. I own my licenses for each. I have also used ADS and HFSS.

As an innovative project leader, I effectively allocate tasks and motivate team members to put forth their best efforts. I possess excellent communication skills, which enable me to ensure that my team members understand their tasks and their roles. I work within cost, personnel and time con­straints to achieve profitable results. I enjoy working on reliability and design yield problems.

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