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Computer Consulting - Software Selection/Design, Development, Testing, Train

Sue Clark - Computer Consulting

Charles Clark - RF Circuit Design

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Sue Clark

over 35 years in Business and Computer software experience

Owner of Bluestem Consulting, Inc. since 2000

Does your small business need to track customers, create a mailing list, track leads,

or create templates to help your business productivity?

◦  Improve Business Processes

 Enhancement Product Manager

◦  Application Design and Development

◦  Testing and Release Management

◦  Training

◦  Data Administration & Maintenance

Manage Enhancements from Specifications to Release

      End User Specifications,       Liaison to Developer,

      Testing, Training user,           Training Support and End Users

                       Find out more, email: Sue or call: 214-734-6914.

Charles F Clark - RF Designs and Simulation

From Receivers to transmitters, consumer electronics to military flight hardware. I have experience designing transmitters and receivers to 18 GHz. The transmitters range from low power linear to 1250 watt plasma sources. Senior IEEE Member.

Services Offered:

◦  RF Circuit Design

◦  RF Power Amplifiers

◦  Low Noise Amplifiers

◦  Oscillators

◦  Switching Power Supplies

◦  Simulations

◦  PC Layout with Eagle by Cadsoft.

◦  White Papers

◦  Using MicroWave Office Circuit Simulator Application.

◦  Also includes Axiem EM simulator.

Find out more, email: Chuck or call: 469-667-3877

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